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News on Remembering Fr Bebot and Perween Fellowship announcement
A booklet has been produced by Sandra Yu in commemoration of the 40 day anniversary of Fr Norberto Carcella's passing. 40 pages of memories, tributes and photos from the Philippines and around the world. Perween Fellowship results 14 young community architects linked to projects related to the urban poor in 10 countries in Asia have been awarded fellowship to carry out their work with communities.
A short video from Arkom Jogja, Indonesia .... The core team of CAN - Asia met to plan activities for the next 3 years ..... 6 mins View the video on You Tube: Click Read More and then View Video or cut and paste the address:
ACCA UPDATE On Progress and Targets in Year 5
The Asian Coalition for Community Action Program (ACCA) is now finishing it’s fifth year. 230 Asian cities in 19 countries are now showing that citywide slum upgrading works, when PEOPLE do it. Read the June 2014 Update
Sad News of the passing of Fr. John Daly - friend of the poor in Korea
Sad news arrived from Korea. Fr. John V.Daly passed away this week。
He spent his life for the poor of South Korea. Father Jung Il-woo(John Dali )came to Korea in September of 1960. While learning Korean he taught English and philosophy as an instructor at Sogang University. Beginning in 1963 he studied theology at St. Louis University and was ordained a priest in June of 1966. Returning to Korea he became the assistant novice master, then the novice master.
E-News stories for Jan to May 2014
CAN: Perween Rahman Fellowship for community architects and builders is launched. PAKISTAN: Updates from Arif and Younus on the situation in Karachi. CAMBODIA: Policy breakthroughs for urban poor housing. MYANMAR: Some interesting developments with locals. BANGLADESH: Citywide upgrading how-to lessons from the city of Comilla. AND More
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