Video & Public Media
ACHR has linked coalition partners into a Video and Public Media Network to promote learning and advocacy about a people centred development strategy. Currently around 14 countries are making videos. and sharing experiences of their interactions with public media.
Community Upgrading In Bangladesh
Greetings from Bangladesh!

Here is the link of the story of community upgrading at Jhenaidah:
Together we CAN!
Community-led rehabilitation workshop, Nepal 04.2016
Thanks Thanawin Wijitporn for this video and music.
And thanks to all CAN and our Nepali friends+community.
If video has a problem try You Tube Direct at
CAN visit to Nepal to help support Rehabilitation
Our CAN team, Mahavir ( from Hunnarshala has extensive experience in rehabilitation after the Gujarat earthquake in India), Nad with rehabilitating tsunami affected villages in southern Thailand) and Net met with Lumanti to explore ways for long term recovery after the earthquake. 8 min 30 sec
Community Architects meet in Jogja Indonesia
A short video from Arkom Jogja, Indonesia .... The core team of CAN met to plan activities for the next 3 years ..... 6 mins July 2014
DPU Student film: Chamkar Samroung II: A City Tale
An urban poor community’s dilemmas concerns in Battambang, Cambodia - May 2014
This video was released during the BUDD field trip in Cambodia which was part of a collaboration with DPU, ACHR, CAN and CAN CAM CDF in May 2014. Much thanks to the team and people of Chamkar Samrong II. Battambang. BUDD students Pedro, Jose, Laura, Chen, Jessica, Lucia and Giovani……
For now you can watch on You Tube here:
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