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New Year Greetings and ACHR Update
Dear friends, Now that the rush and the hubbub of the holidays is behind us, and the onslaught of new imperatives has yet to knock us over, it seems a good moment to pause, and send everyone our warmest New Year’s greetings from the ACHR secretariat in Bangkok, and to tell you all a wee bit about what’s been happening with ACHR. FIRST, SOME NEWS FROM THE ACHR OFFICE IN BANGKOK: Somsook tells everyone she’s slowing down, and although she does spend less time in the office, she continues to travel a great deal, link with groups, visit communities and cultivate new possibilities on many levels, and also puts in a lot of time and energy into her work in Thailand. Maurice has retired to the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai, but continues to help with the ACHR website, while Minh Chau has taken on the lion’s share of coordinating ACHR’s various programs and projects and being the key communicator. Nat has gone to part-time, to give herself more time to cook her fiery southern Thai curries, but she and Chai continue to manage all of ACHR’s logistics and finances, and keep everything going. And after a dryish two-year sabbatical in Portland, Oregon, where he missed everyone and everything terribly, Tom returned to Bangkok in September 2017 and is back at his old desk, gradually getting back into the ACHR swim of things. More News : News of theist Year; and What’s coming in 2018
Community Finance in Five Asian Countries
Community Finance in Five Asian Countries A final report on the study, prepared by the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights : June 2017 A study carried out by 5 national groups in the ACHR network, with support from the Rockefeller Foundation. This report presents the findings of a two-year study of community finance systems that are operated by the urban poor in five Asian countries, with support from their partner organisations. These five groups are the principal national urban poor organisations in their respective countries, and their community savings and funds - and other community- driven development initiatives - have all grown to national scale. The study was conceived as an opportunity to look in more detail at the different models of community finance these important groups have developed, in their very different given national contexts, and to compare their various aspects, draw out some key elements and lessons and see how these people-driven finance systems can be strengthened and brought into the formal finance and development structures in their countries.Comments on the study will be published soon.
An Innovative, Collaborative, Creative, Citywide Process
An Innovative, Collaborative, Creative, Citywide Process Citywide development of Chumsaeng city before and after Co-Create City Workshop Chumsaeng, a city in northern central part of Thailand, with population of 9,000. This city is considered to be a small town which exemplifies situations of many other city in Thailand. Read more and view the video of this creative workshop.
Fr Jorge Anzorena's Latest Newsletter
Fr. Jorge Anzorena, SJ SELAVIP NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 2016 The Voice of the Poor; Nepal Rebuilding Settlements with Communities Ten Essentials for the New UrbanAgenda in One Page. By David Satterthwaite and CassidyJohnson The Universal Basic Income By PaulDonovan ARGENTINA - and CHILE: A Roof for My Country INDI A For A Better Mumbai, Fix the Slums First By Jockin Amputham, President of SDI Kirtee Shah Interview for the City Fix 5,000 Km Worth of Eco-Friendly Roads in India Using Plastic Wastes NAMIBIA The Financial Literacy PAKISTAN A Note on Low Income Housing for the Supreme Court By ArifHasan A Letter about the Situation of OPP and URC from Arif Hasan TechnicalTraining Resource Centre (TTRC) July to December 2015 UrbanResource Centre’s ProgressReport Jul y 2006 – J une 2015 PHILIPPINES Rain and Killing Drug Dealers By Raymund L. Fernandez Remembering in Our Prayers Bill Keyes, Our Companion. By Jorge Anzorena Bill Keyes Did Much!!! We Should Remember Him. We Will Remember Him. By Bimbo Fernandez SOUTH AFRICA Sllindokulhe Temporary Pre-School. Tackling the Challenge of Sanitation: The Midrand Wash Facility. By Ava Rose Hoffman (on behalf of CORC) THAILAND Somsook Visits South Africa. The CODI Model Thailand May 13, 2016 from Yolande Hendler (on behalf of CORC) This publication is not covered by copyright and may be quoted or recopied in part or in full with or without acknowledgement or notice to its authors and publishers although such would be highly appreciated. 56 pages PDF 4 MGBS
Best Wishes for 2017 from the ACHR Secretariat
The ACHR Secretariat extend our thanks to coalition friends for their efforts in 2016 and wish them Peace, Happiness and Prosperity for the coming year 2017. This year saw the completion of the ACCA program and hence transitioning of large scale city-wide upgrading activities. However Selavip - ACHR have generously expanded beyond Decent Poor Activity to Housing projects in 8 countries. Also, various research activities on Community Finance and CDFs are nearing completion- with heavy community involvement and commitment in the Philippines, Sri Lanka,Thailand, Cambodia and Nepal. The Sec. also attended Regional and International meetings in Asia and Europe, by Somsook and Minh Chau; and with Kirtee Shah often representing the Secretariat. We also had inspiring and close “co-creating” activities with the Community Architects Network in Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar and the DPU-UK in Cambodia and internships in Thailand and the Philippines. Our own smaller regional meeting was held in Bangkok (photo below) with additional regional collaboration in Jakarta. (Plus many more activities).
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