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Best Wishes for 2017 from the ACHR Secretariat
January 02, 2017
Happy New Year for 2017

From the ACHR Secreariat

The ACHR Secretariat extend our thanks to coalition friends for their efforts in 2016 and wish them Peace, Happiness and Prosperity for the coming year 2017.

This year saw the completion of the ACCA program and hence transitioning  of large scale city-wide upgrading activities. However Selavip - ACHR have generously expanded beyond Decent Poor Activity to Housing  projects in 8 countries. Also, various research activities on Community Finance and CDFs are nearing completion- with heavy community involvement and commitment in the Philippines, Sri Lanka,Thailand, Cambodia and Nepal. The Sec. also attended Regional and International meetings in Asia and Europe, by Somsook and Minh Chau; and with Kirtee Shah often representing the Secretariat.
We also had inspiring and close “co-creating” activities with the Community Architects Network in Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar and the DPU-UK in Cambodia and internships in Thailand and the Philippines. Our own smaller regional meeting was held in Bangkok (photo below) with additional regional collaboration in Jakarta. (Plus many more activities). This year Tom Kerr left for the US leaving a huge gap in our writing and publishing activities but he is still contributing with writing and editing from distant USA.

We are now in a transitional stage with the finish of large scale ACCA funding but many of the fundamentals of ACCA continue and the Sec has been very active (as you can see from the above); and our friends in the region more active then ever. We wish greater success for all our friends and are confident our collective efforts will decrease poverty and lead to an improved city development policy. It seems with the new SDG’s and Habitat III expounding the right words and direction, we have opportunity to work seriously and collaborate in real actions together to affect cities on scale..

It’s apparent that 2017 will be an unpredictable year in so many ways. Let’s hope the stars shine bright for ACHR Sec and we can make the best of the subsequent opportunities presented in a creative drive for positive change.  ……. and we wish all our friends the same.
Best wishes for New Year.
        Somsook, Naat, Chai, Minh Chai, Maurice, Somsak, Nad and Tee 
        ACHR Sec Team

Photo below: ACHR Regional meeting in Bangkok 2016.