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An Innovative, Collaborative, Creative, Citywide Process
March 21, 2017
An Innovative, Collaborative, Creative, Citywide Process
Citywide development of Chumsaeng city before and after Co-Create City Workshop 
Chumsaeng, a city in northern central part of Thailand, with population of 9,000. This city is considered to be a small town which exemplifies situations of many other city in Thailand.  Read more and view the video of this creative workshop.
During few years of low-income community development through Baan Mankong Program by CODI, Chumsaeng have been showing some qualities and potential for the development to step further than low-income housing issue. With collaboration between CAN, CODI, local authority and many different social group of Chumsaeng, we initiated a workshop which allowed different sectors with different roles and standpoints to work together collaboratively under one shared goal; “To make Chumsaeng a better city for everyone”. The workshop plays significant role in bringing people on to one common ground where everyone could discuss and share ideas at the same level, as a member of Chumsaeng. Participants discussed about qualities, asset, situations and concern of the city. Later, they worked together to build a proposal and recommendations to make Chumsaeng a better city. 
The result of Chumsaeng Co-Creation workshop created a big wave of momentum for many people to work together to bring the proposal and recommendations into reality. Many sector partners comtnued to develop the proposal further. Groups and sectors discovered their new role, which will contribute to development of the city. Local authorities and district municipal agreed to listen to people’s suggestions and take action together with the people of Chumsaeng. 
Watch the video illustrated this creative and impactful workshop: