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ACCA 5th Year Report
The ACCA projects now underway are creating space to implement citywide upgrading at scale. In all these 215 cities, citywide community surveys are being conducted, and these surveys are being used to identify, prioritise and plan settlement upgrading projects, which are then carried out by community people themselves, in partnership with their city governments. The 146 big housing projects being implemented with ACCA sup- port have so far have helped 49,356 urban poor families to get secure land and housing, and have also facilitated the creation of city development funds, which are now operating as new joint financial mechanisms in 136 of these cities. Small upgrading projects (like walkways, drains, toilets, water supply, community centres and solid waste systems), which have been implemented in 2,021 poor communities, are allowing some 342,399 poor families to collectively develop practical solutions to immediate problems they face and are leading to more active involvement within the communities and more collaboration with their local governments. In this report - which is the fifth year report - we take a look at the ACCA program’s progress.
ACHR - IIED Poverty line study report.
This ground-breaking poverty study is perhaps the first to be conducted by the poor themselves, who are the real "experts," and whose understanding of poverty comes from actually living it and from their work finding lasting solutions to it. The study is now over, and besides generating some very clear definitions of poverty and some very detailed poverty lines for six countries, the study has opened up a new area of exploration for these urban poor organizations, to understand their own poverty with greater clarity, and to find new points of negotiation with their governments and local institutions for recognition and resources in their cities. The final study report - a 28-page newsletter-style publication - can be downloaded from the ACHR website.
E-News October 2014
Who’s doing what for WORLD HABITAT DAY? Women’s Co-op celebrates the quarter-century mark in SRI LANKA Community welfare funds get a boost in NEPAL Good news from the Osaka’s blighted Buraku communities in JAPAN People-driven upgrading policy news from MONGOLIA CAN announces the Perween Rahman Fellowship winners Barangay-wide mapping and planning in the PHILIPPINES ACHR says goodbye to three friends: Celia Tuason, Father John Daly and Patrick Magebhula E-news BRIEFS
The Women's Bank Sri Lanka - 25 years
The Women's Co-operative - (formerly The Women's Bank) of Sri Lanka has just celebrated its 25 anniversary. 81,000 members in 7,000 savings groups and 258 Branches in all 24 districts of Sri Lanka. Total savings has reached nearly 4 million US$ most of which is revolving through loans to members. Last week (Aug 26-30) ACHR friends from 8 countries in Asia joined the celebrations and also attended field visits and workshops to learn about the Co-op and its strategies.
Passing on of our comrade, brother and
 dear friend Patrick Magebhula Hunsley
Patrick Magebhula Hunsley, my comrade, my brother and my very special friend died in hospital today) Aug 4 2014 ). .. Joel Bolnick. Patrick was a key person in SDI since its beginning . He also inspired many friends in ACHR on his visits to Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and India. The photo above was taken on his journey to communities in Indonesia.
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