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New ACHR E-News Bulletin December 2019
December 23, 2019
Dear ACHR friends,  
If you've been feeling our communications from ACHR have become a little sparse, here's a corrective:  a big, fat and long-overdue ACHR E-News bulletin, full of stories about what's going on in the network and what kind of new projects we're all working on together:
  • Saving Tibetan buildings and artisanship in Leh, India
  • World Habitat Day celebrations stretch into the months in Thailand
  • Canal-side community breakthroughs in Thailand and Indonesia
  • News from the Asian Community Architects Network (CAN)
  • ACHR makes a splash at the seventh Asia Pacific Urban Forum in Penang
  • 2 New ACHR regional projects:  5 Model Cities + Collective Housing in Asia
  • Updates on two ACHR research projects:  KNOW study + Food Security Study
  • Community Development Funds are still active in 8 cities in Vietnam
  • UCLG Global Report on Housing Policies is out
  • Bad times for street vendors in several Asian countries
Please have a look and send us your comments and additions.  And as always, please do keep us in the loop about your own projects and initiatives.  The new e-news bulletin can be downloaded from the "ACHR E-news Bulliten" set under the "Library" tab.
And all good wishes and happy holidays from the team at the ACHR secretariat in Bangkok: 
  - Tom, Somsook, Minh Chau, Brenda, Natvipa, Chai and Pi Moi.