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How to donate to the recovery efforts after the earthquake in Nepal
DONATIONS FOR RECOVERY EFFORTS IN NEPAL ARE VERY WELCOME: We would like to announce that we are raising funds for the recovery effort in Nepal after the devastating earthquake. ACHR has experience in recovery efforts and community upgrading over the past 25 years in Asia, and Nepal is one of our strongest coalition members with a network having implemented city-wide upgrading in 18 cities in Nepal since 2009 involving more than 110 communities. This process has been carried out through the ACCA program and LUMANTI. LUMANTI is an Nepalese NGO who has supported community development in Nepal since 1993. They will be key actors in this recovery process, along with experience recovery experts fro the ACHr network in Asia. If you are interested in donating to support the recovery process in Nepal you can donate to ACHR and we will send all donations to the Nepal team. CLICK MORE FOR DONATION DETAILS
The 3rd Regional Community Architects Network Workshop
TOGETHER WE CAN: PEOPLE PLANNING FOR INCLUSIVE FUTURE CITIES. 25.04.2015 LOCATION: METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES The Third Regional Community Architects Network Workshop and Meeting will take place between 16th-23rd June 2015 in Metro Manila, hosted by the Philippine Alliance. This year's theme is: Together we CAN! People planning for inclusive future cities. The workshop will regroup over 100 participants from different countries, including CAN members, people’s organisations, representatives of local and international institutions such as public authorities, academics and students, CBOs, NGOs, etc. The event will involve several activities, such as the presentation of the Philippine context; the sharing of  country experiences and updates on their processes and approaches for community architecture; reflection sessions; exhibits; etc.
The Women's Bank Sri Lanka - 25 years
The Women's Co-operative - (formerly The Women's Bank) of Sri Lanka has just celebrated its 25 anniversary. 81,000 members in 7,000 savings groups and 258 Branches in all 24 districts of Sri Lanka. Total savings has reached nearly 4 million US$ most of which is revolving through loans to members. Last week (Aug 26-30) ACHR friends from 8 countries in Asia joined the celebrations and also attended field visits and workshops to learn about the Co-op and its strategies.
Goodbye to our comrade, brother and friend Patrick Magebhula Hunsley
Patrick Magebhula Hunsley, my comrade, my brother and my very special friend died in hospital today) Aug 4 2014 ). .. Joel Bolnick. Patrick was a key person in SDI since its beginning . He also inspired many friends in ACHR on his visits to Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and India. The photo above was taken on his journey to communities in Indonesia.
Remembering Father Bebot + Perween Rahman Fellowship
A booklet has been produced by Sandra Yu in commemoration of the 40 day anniversary of Fr Norberto Carcella's passing. 40 pages of memories, tributes and photos from the Philippines and around the world. Perween Fellowship results 14 young community architects linked to projects related to the urban poor in 10 countries in Asia have been awarded fellowship to carry out their work with communities.
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