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Happy New Year 2022 from ACHR
December 31, 2021
Greetings to all the far-flung friends of ACHR.   One useful aspect of marking the new year is the way it obliges us to stop what we are doing, pause for a moment and say, "Hmm.  What just happened?  And what's coming?"  The January 1st date, which comes from the Roman calendar, seems a little out of place here in Asia, where we have all sorts of new year dates of our own to choose from:  the Thai new year on Songkran, Diwali in India, the Islamic Hijri new year, the Chinese new year, Tet in Vietnam, etc.  But since the European new year seems to have become the default one, let's follow the crowd and take our pause to send out a brief note on what's happening with ACHR and what projects are currently on the bubble for our coalition in Asia.     

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