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New ACHR newsletter on community-led development as a pathway to greater urban equality
May 17, 2022
A special issue of the ACHR newsletter has just come out and can be downloaded from the link below.  This newsletter describes the lively and important work urban poor community groups and their supporters in four cities in the ACHR network have been doing to make pathways to greater equality in their cities, in many different ways.  The cities are Yogyakarta in Indonesia, Nakhon Sawan in Thailand, Yangon in Myanmar and Da Nang in Vietnam.  The process of reflecting on this work, documenting it, learning from it and bringing it into various forums to compare it with other cities was part of a larger global study on urban inequality called "Knowledge in Action for Urban Equality" (KNOW).  The KNOW study was led by our friends at the Development Planning Unit (DPU) at University College London over the past three years.  This ACHR newsletter was produced and edited by Marina Kolovou Kouri, a Greek urban designer who was involved in the KNOW study and has been working closely with the team in Yangon for several years.    
To download the new ACHR newsletter, please click here.