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Street vendors in Karachi
New study from Arif Hasan on Karachi's embattled street economy
Good news from Thailand
New report takes you on a guided tour of four food-producing community gardens in Thailand.
New book celebrates the life of Jockin Arputham (1946 - 2018)
Jockin Arputham, who died in October 2018, was a slum dweller, community organizer and solution-maker of the greatest sort. He was a friend and partner and teacher and rabble-rouser to so many of us in the ACHR and SDI diaspora - and in the global development community. Here is a book that brings together stories and tributes from forty people who worked with him and learned from him over the years and around the world. It was put together with tenderness and affection by the far-flung team of Sheela Patel, Joel Bolnick, David Satterthwaite, Indu Agarwal and Holly Ashley.
Special COVID-19 issue of the ACHR E-News Bulletin for April 2020
We've just sent out a special COVID-19 issue of the ACHR E-News Bulletin, full of news about how our friends aound the region are coping with the COVID-19 virus and with the repurcussions the locksowns, curfews and quarantine restrictions are having on Asia's poor communities. To download the PDF version of the new E-News Bulletin, go to the "ACHR E-News Bulletins" section under the "Library" tab, or go directly to this link:
New ACHR E-News Bulletin December 2019
New ACHR E-News Bulletin for December 2019
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