Field Visit Notes
NOTES on the visit to Mumbai : September 2013
• Notes on the project visits and discussions in Mumbai, before the ACHR / ACCA meeting • Hosted by the SPARC / Mahila Milan / NSDF Alliance • September 25 - 28, 2013 . 1 Mgb PDF
ACCA in Bangladesh
An integrated team of 5 visit ACCA projects with some amazing results. Direct Download of the PDF Report 15 pages photos and text 1.5 mgbts
ACCA in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka - 7 Cities - Citywide Upgrading . ACCA Assessment Booklet posted April 2011 PDF File with photos 1.0 Mgb
After 20 years ACHR visited South Korea to see that the housing situation for the urban poor is no better Download the 18 page PDF report from the ACHR team PDF file text and photos 2.2 mgbs
Heritage and the Poor - Lijiang, China
November 2011: Lijiang has become one of China's most important tourism destinations, mainly for local tourists who flock here from all over China. There have been 3 million visitors here in the last year, and the number seems to be still growing. 2004 annual "ticket" income was 200 million yuan ($24 million) (Beijing Review). As a result, great changes have taken place, and the entire inner city district is dominated by shops, restaurants and guest houses. Andre Alexander makes an assessment of how Lijiang's poor and original inhabitants have faired since World Heritage status has been given to the city. PDF 1.1 Mgbs
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