Urban Poor Strategies
Perween Rahman on Mapping in Karachi
"We are all Ninja Turtles of mapping" Perween Rahman and her colleagues presentation about community maping and how they have beeen used to attain secure tenure for thousands of families in Pakistan. Jan 2012
City-Wide Upgrading Is Possible
Find out how to put an END to Slums Download the Booklet 16 pages. PDF1.5 mgbts Photos and text 2012
Fr Jorge Anzorena
A transcript of Fr. Jorge Anzoren's 34 years experiences with Asia's urban poor development supporters and friends. PDF file with photos. 1.36 mobs 2011
A Conversation on Upgrading
A 10 page report on exchange between an international team of professionals who are struggling to find ways to support community-driven upgrading, and a group of community people who are actually doing it. PDF file 2.4 mgbs text and photos
Face to Face Magazine
Special Edition Newsletter on Horizontal People to People Exchanges in Asia and Africa PDF file 5.9 mgs 32 pages text and photos
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