ACCA Report 5 -Years 2014 Part 1
Part 1 Guide to the 5 years of ACCA Citywide Upgrading: Understanding ACCA plus the latest stat.s 23 pages Photos, Stat.s, Text PDF 2.7 MB
ACCA 5 Year Report Part 2
Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, Myanmar, South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka. Mongolia 26 pages Photos, Stat.s, Text PDF 3.5 MB
ACCA 5 Year Report Part 3
Fiji, Thailand, India, Lao PDR, Pakistan, China, Japan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Afghanistan. Signs of hope are EVERYWHERE. 27 pages Photos, Stat.s, Text PDF 3.7 MB
ACCA Targets After 5 Years - Update
Asian cities in 19 countries are now showing that citywide slum upgrading works, when PEOPLE do it. Read the June 2014 Update The Asian Coalition for Community Action Program (ACCA) is a five-year program of the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR) which is supporting a process of citywide and community-driven slum upgrading in Asian cities. Community people are the primary doers in planning and implementing projects which tackle problems of land, infrastructure and housing at scale in their cities, in partnership with their local governments and other stakeholders. After five years, the progress and breakthroughs in this region-wide experiment in 230 cities has proved that urban poor communities and their development partners in all these cities are ready to address citywide problems and citywide development together. The ACCA program has demonstrated a new kind of development intervention, for the more open, democratic world we now live in, in which the poor have the freedom to decide things and manage their own development. In a 2 page UPDATE on ACCA’a progress and TARGETS after 5 years
An Independent Review of ACCA by Robert Buckley & Achilles Kallergis
" This paper is a review of the Asian Coalition for Community Action (ACCA) Program operated by the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR). The objective is to present a general assessment of the main characteristics of the program and a preliminary examination of what ACCA has accomplished in three years of operation. The analysis compares ACCA’s approach to the provision of housing and infrastructure in low-income areas, to more common ways of managing slum upgrading and housing finance....." ACCA's most extensive independent review ... ACHR gives thanks to the authors. 62 pages ... 1.7 Mgbs
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