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Bang Bua Canal Upgrading GuideBook
Supreeya Wungpatcharapon ("Noot") and at team of Thai community architects have just printed an illustrated guidebook to the upgrading of the 12 informal settlements along the Bang Bua Canal in Bangkok - a large project which is still underway. This project, which is the first case of a network of canal-side squatters in Thailand winning the right to lease the public land they occupy and upgrade their houses and living environments in-situ, is one of the most often-visited and most inspiring of the 1,500 community-planned and community-built settlement upgrading projects around Thailand that are being supported by CODI's Baan Mankong citywide upgrading program. 48 pages text and photos 9 mgbs PDF
Community Mapping Hand Book 1
"Community Mapping” is one of the processes in housing by people. It aims to create learning and understanding between community people themselves, and with the supporting agencies, as well as government officials, with regard to both physical aspects and more intangible matters such as social organization, culture, and the beliefs of people." 59 pages Text and photos PDF 10.1 mgbs
Comprehensive Site Planning Hand Book 2
"The ideas and experience shared in this book seek to elaborate an approach of working processes through various cases, the outcomes of creating a home and a community, and the creation of a culture of living together within the community, by dialogue, planning, and doing." 146 pages of text and photos PDF 7.6 mgbs
Community Architects publication from ACHR PDF file 99 pages text and photos 13.2 mgbs
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