Collective Housing Case Studies in Asia
CAMBODIA - Akphivat Mean Cheay - 2000
This roadside squatter community planned and built their own resettlement housing project, and showed a war-torn Cambodia how housing problems can be solved better by partnership, not by eviction.
CAMBODIA - Pro Lay Toek - 2012
The on-site upgrading of the Pro Lay Toek, a canal-side squatter settlement, was the first chance for the provincial city of Neak Loeung to see what a collaborative, community-managed housing project looks like.
INDIA - Kamgaar Putala - 2005
This case study describes the community-driven resettlement of 176 flood-affected riverside squatter families in Pune to free government land and new housing located 8 kms away, with collective land
INDIA - Kanjurmarg Transit Housing - 2009
This is the story of a transit housing project for railway slum dwellers displaced by a track-widening project that was planned and executed by the families and their federation partners, with support from government authorities. Later they all moved into permanent apartments in housing blocks built by the state government and given to the families free.
MONGOLIA - Tunkheliin Hugjil - 2009
In this project, in a small timber-cutting town in the mountains of north-central Mongolia, ten families got together and completely rebuilt their dilapidated workers housing, using energy-efficient techniques, on land provided free by the government.
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