Other Country Documents
BANGLADESH - CAN workshop in Jhenaidah - June 2019
A regional Community Architects Network (CAN) workshop was held in the city of Jhenaidah, in Bangladesh, in June 2019. In this document, Suhailey and Kabir, from the Co-Creation Architects (who hosted the workshop), and Ploy (a community architect from Bangkok and one of the regional CAN coordinators) reflect on what it means to be architects who are trying to create things with community people, in new ways. They call this "co-creation", and they work with communities and citizens to co-create houses, co-create settlement plans and co-create cities.
BANGLADESH - Settlement Profiling in Jhenaidah - March 2018
This is a colorful report about the citywide settlement profiling that took place in the city of Jhenaidah, between February and March 2018. The surveying and mapping was carried out by the community network in Jhenaidah, with support from CoCreation Architects, the Municipal government, ACHR and SDI.
BANGLADESH - Notes on a visit to ACCA Projects in Bangladesh - July 2013
These are Tom Kerr's notes from a visit by an ACHR team to ACCA projects in two cities in Bangladesh - Dhaka and Gopalganj - in July 2013.
BANGLADESH - Notes from a visit to ACCA Projects in Bangladesh - July 2013
These are notes by Suhailie (an architect working in Bangladesh with CoCreation Architects) about the same visit of an ACHR team to see ACCA projects in Dhaka and Gopalganj, in July 2013
BANGLADESH - Report on the ACCA housing project in Gopalganj - July 2013
This is the UNDP's July 2013 report about the ACCA-supported big housing project in the city of Gopalganj, in Bangladesh. The project involved an extraordinary collaboration between the local community network, the Municipality and mayor of Gopalganj, the UNDP's UPPR project in Bangladesh, and some national disaster housing agencies.
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