ACCA Program Documents
ACCA 5th Year Report (PART 1) - Nov 2014
This is the final report of the 5-year Asian Coalition for Community Action (ACCA) Program. The file is quite big, so we have broken it into three downloadable parts.
ACCA 5th Year Report (PART 2) - Nov 2014
ACCA 5 Year Report (PART 3) - Nov 2014
Citywide upgrading is POSSIBLE: ACCA Update - June 2014
A two-page brochure which summarizes ACCA’a progress after 5 years.
World Bank review of the ACCA Program - August 2013
In 2013, the World Bank and Australian Aid commissioned Robert Buckley to conduct an independent review of ACHR's Asian Coalition for Community Action (ACCA) Program. This is Robert's report, produced with Achilles Kallergis. The objective was to present a general assessment of the main characteristics of the program and a preliminary examination of what ACCA has accomplished in three years of operation. The analysis compares ACCA’s approach to the provision of housing and infrastructure in low-income areas, to more common ways of managing slum upgrading and housing finance.
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