Disasters and Climate Change
Talking about grassroots community resilience - Oct 2019
This report presents a slightly edited transcript of a workshop on the subject of “Grassroots community resilience and disasters”, which was held on October 14, 2019, during the seventh Asia Pacific Urban Forum (APUF-7), in Penang, Malaysia. The workshop was organized by ACHR, in collaboration with three other grassroots networks: the Huairou Commission, Women in Informal Employment Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO) and Slum Dwellers International (SDI).
PHILIPPINES - Notes on a visit to the Bicol Region - March 2012
These are Tom's notes from a field visit to volcano and typhoon-affected communities in Bicol Region, on the northern side of Luzon Island in the Philippines, in March 2012. The trip was one several organized to visit the Homeless People's Federation's work and ACCA projects in different parts of the Philippines, during the UPCA Launch, hosted by the HPFP in the Philippines, in March 2012.
Disaster Resilience Workshop in Jogjakarta - Jan 2012
This is a report of a three-day workshop (and field visits) that ACHR organized in Jogjakarta in January 2012. The 70 local participants (including community architects and community representatives from disaster-hit communities) and 25 international participants from Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Japan, and the Philippines had in-depth exchanges on their experiences of coping with disasters: preparing for future disasters and rebuilding after disasters that have already happened. Local communities affected by the eruption of Mt Merapi in 2010 served as case study sites for local field visits in Jogjakarta.
People + Disasters Seminar Report - Nov 2008
This report presents an edited transcript of the lively discussion which took place during a networking event (titled "Communities as key actors in disaster rehabilitation") organized by ACHR during the Fourth World Urban Forum in Nanjing China, in November 2008. ACHR's team at WUF4 included groups of disaster survivors from poor communities in 11 Asian countries.
Tsunami - Katrina Exchange: Disaster survivors unite across borders - July 2007
Tsunami-Katrina exchange: Disaster survivors unite across borders to exchange strategies for rebuilding. This is a report about a seminar that was hosted by the Loyola Law School, in New Orleans, USA, in July 2007, organized to give a chance for the Asian visitors from tsunami-hit communities in Thailand and Indonesia to exchange their experiences and ideas about community-driven disaster rehabilitation, in a more structured discussion, with some of the New Orleans and Gulf Coast groups which have been involved in the exchange.
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