Other Country Documents
MYANMAR - National workshop on affordable housing - May 2013
This is a report on a national workshop in Yangon called ""Support for secure affordable housing and building strong communities in Myanmar". The workshop was jointly organized by Women for the World, Women Savings and Development Network and ACHR.
MYANMAR - ACHR visits Myanmar after Cyclone Nargis - March 2009
This small report describes a visit Somsook made to Myanmar in March 2009. This was just 11 months after Cyclone Nargis had swept across its ferociously destructive path across the country, and just a few months after the country had opened up to outside aid and visitors at all. The visit was a kind of reconnaissance to see who was doing what after the cyclone, what projects showed promise and how ACHR might help.
NEPAL - How the urban poor define and measure food security in Cambodia and Nepal - Oct 2009
This article, by Somsook Boonyabancha, Thomas Kerr, Lumanti Joshi and Cecilia Tacoli, was published in the October 2019 issue of IIED's Environment & Urbanization Journal. The article describes another community-driven study in two Asian countries (Nepal and Cambodia) on the issue of food and food poverty, that was carried out by ACHR and IIIED between 2017 and 2019.
NEPAL - Heritage Cities in Asia - Bhaktapur, Nepal - Nov 2011
In this November 2011 report, part of ACHR's project on "The poor in heritage cities", Chawanad Luansang and Suphana Sophonpanich (two community architects from Thailand) make an assessment of how Bhaktapur's poor and original inhabitants have fared since the city was declared to be part of the Kathmandu Valley's World Heritage site. The monuments and ancient architects are in great danger from development and earthquakes, but what about the people who live there?
PAKISTAN - Street markets the world over - Jan 2019
Informal hawkers continue to be evicted in cities like Karachi, Bangkok, Manila and Jakarta. The pictures in this folder were put together in January 2019 by Arif Hasan and Bushra Sarwar to show the agencies involved in making planning decisions in Karachi that hawkers need not be evicted, but can be resettled in a manner that is aesthetic and does not create congestion or hindrance to vehicular or pedestrian movement. In fact cities around the world are embracing street markets at the time Asia is eliminating them.
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