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KOREA - Asian People's Dialogue in Seoul - June 1989
This is the report from one of ACHR's earliest and most important gatherings - the first Asian People's Dialogue, held in Seoul, Korea, in June 1989. This was back in the days when such things were typed by hand and xeroxed for distribution. If you don't mind a rather crude scan of the original report, you'll a lot of history and wonders here. From the report's introduction: "Much has been spoken and written about the life situation of the urban poor in all major cities of the world - but mostly by scholars, professionals or NGOs. The Asian People's Dialogue in Seoul was a forum for the urban poor themselves to tell their own stories - in their own ways and their own words."
KOREA - Evictions in Seoul, South Korea - April 1989
This account of the terrible evictions taking place in Seoul, South Korea, was written by the one-year-old ACHR, and was published in the April 1989 issue of Environment & Urbanization (the very first issue!), the journal of the International Institute for Environment and Development, in London, UK.
KOREA - Battle for Housing Rights in Korea - 1989
Battle for Housing Rights in Korea: Report o the South Korea Project of the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (1989). This booklet describes one of ACHR's first regional anti-eviction initiatives as a brand-new regional coalition, to intervene in the terrible evictions that were taking place in Seoul, Korea in 1989. The publication, which was produced with support from our friends in the Third World Network, outlines the situation in Seoul, describes the ACHR Fact Finding Mission to Seoul in September 1988, and describes some of the follow-up work.
KOREA - Report on the Fact Finding Mission to Seoul - September 1988
This is the report of the five-day ACHR fact finding mission to Seoul Korea, in September 1988. This was during the time that some of Asia's most brutal and largest scale evictions were taking place in Seoul, and it was one of the new ACHR coalition's first efforts to combine the forces and expertise from around the Asia region to assist urban poor people in a particular place.
LAO PDR - Heritage and the Poor - Luang Prabang Nov 2011
The main image of the city of Luang Prabang is for many people associated with the relaxed atmosphere, the friendly local people and the exotic local culture, as well as the extreme cheapness compared to most other countries, even in Asia. And all this can be found with the backdrop of historic Buddhist monasteries and a sleepy old town without traffic. Unfortunately, almost all of these points are subject to change due to the impact of tourism.
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