ACCA Program Documents
ACCA First Year Report (PART 2) - Dec 2009
ACCA First Year Report (PART 3) - Dec 2009
ACCA Program First Six-monthly report - May 2009
This is the first six-monthly report on the progress of the 5-year Asian Coalition for Community Action (ACCA) Program. The report was produced in May 2009.
Regional workshop on People's Process in Asia - April 2009
This report presents some notes on the discussions that took place and presentations that were made during the Regional Community Workshop on People's Process, in April 2009,a gathering of about 90 urban poor community leaders and their supporters from 12 Asian countries. The gathering was organized by ACHR and ACCA and hosted in Quezon City, the Philippines, by the Homeless People's Federation Philippines (HPFP).
PHILIPPINES - Thinking citywide in Iloilo - April 2009
The Homeless People's Federation in Iloilo City, in the Philippines, pioneered some of the citywide approaches to community-driven housing and community upgrading which later inspired the ACCA Program. In April 2009, an ACHR group from Mongolia, Nepal, Fiji, Myanmar and other parts of the Philippines traveled to Iloilo, as part of the Regional Community Workshop on People's Process in Asia, in April 2009. This report describes the discussions and site visits during that visit to Iloilo.
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