Collective Housing Case Studies in Asia
VIETNAM - Sewing Enterprise Collective Housing - 2013
Vietnam’s cities still have a lot of old, broken-down collective housing projects that were built to provide minimal housing for the workers in state-run factories.  The factories are long gone, but the people are still there, and most of them are prevented from improving or rebuilding their houses by building regulations, because their houses and lanes fall below the government’s minimum allowable standards. This is one of several projects that challenged those unrealistic standards and showed that it was possible for people themselves to build great big, decent, airy houses even on extremely tiny plots.
VIETNAM - Block Binh Dong - 2013
It’s not easy to find an example of a collective, community-driven housing project in Vietnam, despite the country’s socialist ideology of everything being done by “the people”.  But here is an authentic one that was built by a community of very poor riverside squatters, in the provincial city of Tan An, in southern Vietnam. The city authorities had been wanting for years to address the people’s miserable housing conditions, but had no budget for relocating them.  So instead, they let the people design and build their own houses and played the role of project facilitator, and the results showed everyone a new way.   
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