Other Country Documents
KOREA - ACHR visits Korea after 20 years - June 2009
The 10-day "East Asia Caravan" trip that ACHR organized in June 2009 was partly a very rich exchange visit, partly an ambitious ACCA Program advisory tour and partly a big chance to help build an eastern-Asian sub-group for mutual learning and mutual support. This report presents a detailed account of the four-day portion of the trip spent in Korea - the place where ACHR was born in 1989.
LAO PDR - Heritage and the Poor - Luang Prabang Nov 2011
The main image of the city of Luang Prabang is for many people associated with the relaxed atmosphere, the friendly local people and the exotic local culture, as well as the extreme cheapness compared to most other countries, even in Asia. And all this can be found with the backdrop of historic Buddhist monasteries and a sleepy old town without traffic. Unfortunately, almost all of these points are subject to change due to the impact of tourism.
LAO PDR - Notes on a visit to Lao PDR - Nov 2011
These are Tom Kerr's rough notes on a visit to Lao PDR, in November 2011, to visit several of the ACCA projects there.
MONGOLIA - The work of Tibet Heritage Fund in Mongolia - 2009
This poster showcases some of the work a team from the Tibet Heritage Fund has been doing to restore historic temples, monasteries and other buildings in culturally Tibetan parts of Mongolia, working closely with local craftsmen and community members.
MONGOLIA - A new approach to community-based ger area development - July 2007
This study of the community savings groups in Erdenet city, which are being supported by the Urban Resource Development Center (UDRC), was carried out by Eva Maria Gardemann in July 2007.
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