E-News February - March 2009
Women's Bank celebrates 20-year anniversary + 
New collaboration between UN-Habitat and ACHR + 
 New Urban Poor Fund started in Moratuwa + 
Father Anzorena is about to turn 80 
+ ACHR's new ACCA Program launched in Nepal 
+ Citynet Congress updates 
+ Big breakthroughs on land tenure in Viet Nam + 
Good news for Katrina survivors in New Orleans
E-News November - December 2008
Community savings in Mongolia - update +
ACHR at the 4th World Urban Forum in Nanjing + 
New Homeless Bank launched in Chiang Mai + 
New sources of housing finance for the poor + 
UN Slum Upgrading ( SUF) visits Thailand + 
New housing rights network launched in East Timor + 
Two awards for post-tsunami reconstruction prizes to Uplink Network Indonesia and Help-o in Sri Lanka + 
The passing of our good friend Peter Swan
E-News September - October 2008
Tenure Security for Karachi’s “goths” in Pakistan - report by OPP + 
Exchange: South Africa visit to Thailand + 
Evictions breakthrough in Jakarta + 
Community savings in Cambodia’s provincial cities + 
Preparation for the World Urban Forum in Nanjing + 
Visitors to ACHR
E-News July 2008
MONGOLIA: UDRC In Ulaanbataar wins ITSH Memorial Prize + 
CAMBODIA: Seed fund loans from UPDF to southern CDFs + 
AFGHANISTAN: Young Bhutanese architect works on community upgrading + 
VIETNAM: ENDA-Vietnam to focus on 8-Cities Savings Network + 
INDONESIA: New Jakarta Governor + 
JAPAN: More evictions of homeless in Tokyo + 
SDI Global Fund 1st Round Loans + 
New Report: Community Savings Funds + 
New Support from MISEREOR and potential funds from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation + 
THAILAND: Land for the Poor + 
News from Ken Fernandes in Australia
E-News April - June 2008
Nepal - Riverside community upgrading possibilities + 
Thailand: New CODI Book on Community Upgrading + 
Burma : Cyclone Nagis Hits May 2-3 2008 + 
Fiji Islands First ACHR visit + 
Cambodia: UPDF 10th Anniversary + 
Indo-China Community Network + 
IIED and Local Organisations in Asia
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