ACHR 2011 Regional Meeting Report
from Jan 2011 - 130 community leaders, activists, NGO workers, government officials, architects, academics and professionals who are part of the ACHR network in Asia. PDF with photos text 2.2 Mgbs
Report on Proposals Accepted July 2010
Report on Proposals Accepted July 2010. 32 pages Photos and Text PDF 1.2 mgbs
Cambodia 5th Anniversary of the UPDF
Cambodia 5th Anniversary of the UPDF as PDF file with photos 1Mgb
Transcript of Tsunami Survivors Seminar at WUF3
August 2006: Survivors Speak The report is a slightly-edited transcript of the ACHR-sponsored networking event on “Community-driven tsunami rehabilitation”, which was held on June 20, 2006, as part of the World Urban Forum, in Vancouver, Canada. The idea of organizing this workshop in the big Vancouver meeting was not only to bring out the people-driven tsunami rehabilitation processes that have been going on in four affected countries, but to emphasize that making communities the key actors should be an important principle in all kinds of development work which involve the poor – not only disasters. . PDF file 1.3 Mgs text graphics photos
ACHR Activities Book 2004
ACHR ACTIVITIES BOOK 2004, PDF file 940 Kbs 85 pages.
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