Other Country Documents
INDIA - Notes on a visit to Mumbai (PART 2) - Sept 2013
This is a report by Sheela Patel about the same ACHR visit to Mumbai in September 2013, with teams from 10 other Asian countries coming to catch up on the work of the SPARC / Mahila Milan / NSDF alliance on issues of housing and sanitation.
INDIA - Tibet Heritage Fund's Central Asian Museum in Leh - June 2013
A June 2013 note about a beautiful building that was designed by Andre Alexander and his team of craftspeople at the Tibet Heritage Fund in Leh, India. The building both showcases and revivies the Tibetan building crafts of this part of the world.
INDIA - More from the Tibet Heritage Fund in Leh - 2005
A little photo essay which shows what life looks like if you are a person who devotes her life to restoring and reviving the culture of Tibetan building in the old city of Leh, in India's Ladakh region.
INDIA - The work of the Tibet Heritage Fund in Leh - 2004
A photo essay which gives the ambience of the work being done by the Tibet Heritage Fund team in the city of Leh, in India's Ladakh region, to restore traditional houses in the old part of the city, and to do so in ways which keep the traditional families inside.
INDIA - Lucknow Upgrading Poster - 2002
This poster is one of a set of five prepared by ACHR in 2002, to showcase the variety of on-site community upgrading initiatives around Asia.
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