ACCA Program Documents
PHILIPPINES - Notes on a visit to Davao and Digos - March 2012
These are Diane Archer's notes from a field visit to the cities of Davao and Digos, on the southern coast of Mindanao island in the Philippines, in March 2012. The trip was one several organized to visit the Homeless People's Federation's work and ACCA projects in different parts of the Philippines, during the UPCA Launch, hosted by the HPFP in the Philippines, in March 2012.
UPCA Declaration - March 2012
Ninth ACCA Meeting in Penang - Sept 2011
This is a report from the ninth ACCA meeting, which was held in September 2011 in the World Heritage Site of George Town, in Penang, Malaysia.
ACCA in Sri Lanka - April 2011
This booklet, about the performance of the ACCA Program in seven cities Sri Lanka, was prepared for the ACCA Assessment trip to Sri Lanka in April 2011.
8th ACCA Meeting in Colombo - April 2011
This is a report from the 8th of 15 ACCA meetings, held in April 2011 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
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