Community Architects Network (CAN) publications
CAN Newsletter No 1 - Jan 2012
CAN Report - 2012
This report describes the work of 27 groups of community architects and young professionals in 17 Asian countries who are working variously on participatory design and planning, citywide mapping and surveying, developing design solutions to improve the quality of life of communities, training community-based builders and working with students and academic institutions. This book was published in 2012
Handbook for Community Architects - Dec 2011
"We believe that processes of comprehensive site planning can be a vital tool to find the meaning of “Living Together” through ways of doing, discussing, planning, and sharing together - as human beings used to do when they settled themselves together." Published in December 2011. 140 pages text and photos PDF 5.7 mgbs
Bamboo for sustainable communities - Jan 2011
A report from a training workshop on bamboo as an alternative building technology and livelihood opportunity. The workshop was organized by CAN, in Davao, Philippines, January 17-23, 2011.
Community Mapping Handbook 1 - Jan 2011
"Community Mapping” is one of the processes in housing by people. It aims to create learning and understanding between community people themselves, and with the supporting agencies, as well as government officials, with regard to both physical aspects and more intangible matters such as social organization, culture, and the beliefs of people." Published in January 2011.
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