Special Publications
ACHR "Seniors" meeting in Bangkok - Dec 2013
This report presents an edited transcript of the interesting discussions which took place during a three-day gathering in Bangkok of some of the senior figures in ACHR network, in December 2013.
Scaling up citywide & community-driven slum upgrading seminar report - Sept 2012
This report presents a slightly edited transcript of the discussion which took place during a networking event (titled "Scaling up citywide and community-driven slum upgrading") which was organized by ACHR during the Sixth World Urban Forum in Naples, Italy, in September 2012. The seminar presented the progress of the ACCA program after three years of implementation. ACHR's team at WUF6 included groups of community leaders and their supporters from 8 Asian countries.
Citywide Upgrading Is POSSIBLE - Sept 2012
This 16-page brochure about the ACCA Program was prepared and brought with us to distribute in our ACHR booth at the Sixth World Urban Forum in Naples, Italy, in September 2012. At that same World Urban Forum, ACHR organized a seminar on "Scaling up citiwde & community-driven slum upgrading." A report from that seminar can also be downloaded from this ACHR document library.
Report from the ACHR Regional Meeting in Bangkok - Jan 2011
This report details the discussions and stories from the big four-day regional ACHR meeting that took place in Bangkok, in January 2011.
Community Finance in Asia - Figures from Jan 2011
Over the years, ACHR has gathered figures about the progress of community-managed finance systems in Asia: community savings groups and community funds at various levels. This page summarizes the figures we were able to gather in January 2011.
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