Other Country Documents
CHINA - Two new books from friends at the Tibet Heritage Fund - March 2013
A note from the March 2013 ACHR E-News bulletin about two books that have been produced by our friends at the Tibet Heritage Fund. One a big coffee-table book on temples in Lhasa, by Andre Alexander. And another book by Pimpim de Azevedo about a little boy who grows up to build his own Tibetan house. For more information, check out the THF website: http://www.tibetheritagefund.org/pages/publications.php
EAST TIMOR - Notes on a visit to East Timor - Feb 2004
These are Tom's field notes from a visit to East Timor, with a team from ACHR, CODI and the Thai Urban Community Savings Network, in February 2004.
FIJI - Notes on Visit to Fiji 2011
This report by Maurice Leonhardt describes a visit from ACHR and a team from ACHR's Community Architects Network (CAN) to the Fiji Islands, in March 2011.
INDIA - Notes on a visit to Mumbai (PART 1) - Sept 2013
This is a report on a September 2009 visit by a big ACHR team from 10 countries to Mumbai, India, to catch up on the work of the Indian Alliance, which includes the NGO SPARC, Mahila Milan savings collectives and the National Slum Dwellers Federation. After meeting with Sheela and Jockin in the old Byculla office, the team visited railway and pavement dwellers relocation projects, and one of the alliance's community toilet projects.
INDIA - Notes on a visit to Mumbai (PART 2) - Sept 2013
This is a report by Sheela Patel about the same ACHR visit to Mumbai in September 2013, with teams from 10 other Asian countries coming to catch up on the work of the SPARC / Mahila Milan / NSDF alliance on issues of housing and sanitation.
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