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Seeing a disaster as an opportunity – harnessing the energy of disaster survivors for change DIANE ARCHER AND SOMSOOK BOONYABANCHA
ABSTRACT Disasters have tragic consequences, and people with the least resources at hand to rebuild their lives are often the worst affected. The traditional response to disasters is to provide immediate relief, without considering how the process of rebuilding lives and communities can be a positive opportunity for change. This opportunity can be facilitated in two ways: first, by having a clear understanding of how disaster survivors are not victims but agents for change; and second, by providing the tools and techniques to facilitate the change process. Case studies from Asia demonstrate how disaster-affected communities have rebuilt not only their homes but also their livelihoods, and have been empowered as a result. 2011 13 pages 1.4 MGBs
Residential Density Issues: The Case of Karachi
Residential Density Issues: The Case of Karachi. By Arif Hasan (11 August 2011). PDF 85KB 3 pages
Urban poor housing development on Bangkok’s waterfront: securing tenure, supporting community processes NATTAWUT USAVAGOVITWONG and PRAYONG POSRIPRASERT
A B S T R A C T This paper describes a project to upgrade living conditions and provide secure tenure in nine “canal settlement” communities in Bangkok. It explains how this was planned and implemented, both on the ground and at the policy level, working with national institutions including the Community Organizations Development Institute (CODI) and the government body that owned the land. The different institutions involved are described, including the savings groups in each of the nine communities and the network of community organizations, which were particularly important for the realization of the project. The paper also discusses how upgrading plans were developed and how conflicts were addressed. OCT 2006 13 PAGES PDF478 KB
Understanding Asian Cities
Synthesis of Research and Discussions 32 pages PDF file 1.6 megabytes - with photos
Urban Poor Housing in Bangladesh and Potential Role of ACHR
An exploratory visit with recommendations for ACHR by K. Iftekhar Ahmed. PhD 29 pages PDF file 576 KBs text and photos
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