ACCA Third Year Report - Newsletter
November 2012: The ACCA Program has now completed its third year. The program has supported activities in 165 cities, in 19 countries. The program has demonstrated a new kind of development intervention, for the more open, democratic world we now live in, in which the poor have the freedom to decide things and manage their own development. 29 pages photos text statistics on ACCA 3.3 Mgbs PDF
Community Architects Report 2010 -2012
Since 2010 as the network and networking started, there are 27 groups of young professionals in 17 Asian countries - working on participatory design and planning, city-wide mapping and surveys, seeking design solutions to improve quality of life and health of community, as well as training community builders and influencing students academic institutions 94 pages text , designs, photos reduced to PDF of 3.5 mgbs
Disaster Resilience RegionalWorkshop Jogjakarta, Indonesia
70 local participants, including community architects and community representatives, and 25 international participants from Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Japan, and the Philippines, for three days of in-depth exchanges on their various experiences of coping with disasters, both in terms of preparing for future disasters and rebuilding after a disaster. Local communities affected by the eruption of Mt Merapi in 2010 served as case study sites for field visits. 26 pages report 785 KBs PDF
ACCA 2nd Year Report - Newsletter
December 2010: A comprehensive coverage of ACCA's citywide upgrading program for Asia's urban poor. 107 cities, 15 countries PDF 50 pages text and photos 5.2 mgbs
This Declaration of Commitment and Action of the Urban Poor Coalition Asia was made on the last day of the UPCA launch event, March 16, 2012, in Quezon City, Philippines, by the representatives from Cambodia, Indonesia, Korea, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam. 4 pages PDF less than 1 MGB
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