Special Publications
PART 2 - Report on Housing Policies & Practices in the Asia Region - Oct 2018
These 13 country reports were prepared to inform the Asia regional contribution to the UCLG GOLD Global Report on Housing Policy, which was prepared by ACHR in October 2018.
ACHR's work on Housing Rights over the last 29 years - Sept 2017
This short paper was prepared by ACHR's director, Somsook Boonyabancha, for a meeting with the UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing, at the Rujak Center for Urban Studies, in Jakarta, Indonesia, in September 2017.
Community Finance in Five Asian Countries - June 2017
This report describes a two-year study of communit-based and community-managed finance systems that was carried out by urban poor organizations in five Asian countries, with support from their partner NGOs. The study was conceived as an opportunity to look in more detail at the different models of community finance these important groups have developed in their different contexts, and to compare their various aspects. The report was published in June 2017.
ACHR Organizational Diagram - 2016
ACHR is not the kind of coalition given to rules or carefully-defined structures. But now and then we're called upon to diagram the way we link with each other and organize ourselves across the region. This diagram was the result of one such attempt in 2016.
Cities For People and By People - 2016
An article Somsook and Tom prepared for the United Nations' magazine "UN Chronicle" in October 2016.
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