Collective Housing Case Studies in Asia
INDIA - IHSDP in Sangli, Miraj & Kupwad - 2015
This case study describes a citywide land readjustment housing project in which 22 slum communities moved to 7 existing slum communities (all within 3-4 kms of the old settlements) and redeveloped their housing in 4-story walk-up flats, with the public land being leased by the cooperative housing societies set up in each building.
INDIA - Kamgaar Putala - 2005
This case study describes the community-driven resettlement of 176 flood-affected riverside squatter families in Pune to free government land and new housing located 8 kms away, with collective land
INDIA - Kanjurmarg Transit Housing - 2009
This is the story of a transit housing project for railway slum dwellers displaced by a track-widening project that was planned and executed by the families and their federation partners, with support from government authorities. Later they all moved into permanent apartments in housing blocks built by the state government and given to the families free.
INDIA - Markandeya Cooperative Housing Society - 1998
This historic on-site housing reconstruction project, in Mumbai's Dharavi slum, was the Alliance's first experience with a multi-story building and the first to bring the Mahila Milan's sensible 14-foot house design - with an internal loft - into an apartment building. The project met just about every obstacle in the book and took ten years to complete.
INDONESIA - Kampung Pisang - 2017
Here is the story of a small informal community in Makassar that twice faced eviction by the same private landowner and twice negotiated to redevelop their housing on a smaller piece of the land they already occupied.  In the first project, they moved their houses and rebuilt their community to a small portion of the land they used to occupy, and gave the rest back to the landowner to develop commercially.  When the landowner broke the agreement and sold the whole land, the people moved again, to an even smaller piece of adjacent  land, where they completely rebuilt their  houses and community a second time. 
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