Other Country Documents
BANGLADESH - Notes on a visit to ACCA projects in Bangladesh - Oct 2012
These are Tom Kerr's notes an a visit by an ACHR team to some of the ACCA projects in Bangladesh, in Dhaka and Gopalganj, in October 2012.
BANGLADESH - Urban Poor Housing in Bangladesh and Potential Role of ACHR - May 2007
This paper, by Iftekhar Ahmed, presents the findings of a study of urban poor housing in Bangladesh, commissioned in 2007 by ACHR.
CHINA - The Lhasa House book launch in New York - March 2019
This is a press note sent to us by Pimpim at the Tibet Heritage Fund, about an event organized in New York City, on March 6, 2019, to celebrate the lifelong, vital work of the late André Alexander and his colleagues at the Tibet Heritage Fund in the preservation, conservation, and documentation of traditional architecture in Tibet, with a launch of a new publication, The Lhasa House: Typology of an Endangered Species. This was the book Andre was working on when he died in January 2012.
CHINA - Heritage and the Poor in Lijiang - Nov 2011
In this November 2011 report, part of ACHR's project on "The poor in heritage cities", Andre Alexander (from the Tibet Heritage Fund) makes an assessment of how Lijiang's poor and original inhabitants have faired since the city was declared to be a World Heritage site and has become one of China's most important tourist destinations.
CHINA - Tibet Heritage Fund's work on earthquake in Yushu - April 2011
This poster shows some of the work at team from the Tibet Heritage Fund did to help families in Yushu, China, to rebuild their damaged houses after the April 2010 earthquake brought terrible destruction to this Tibetan region of China.
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