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NEPAL - How the urban poor define and measure food security in Cambodia and Nepal - Oct 2009
This article, by Somsook Boonyabancha, Thomas Kerr, Lumanti Joshi and Cecilia Tacoli, was published in the October 2019 issue of IIED's Environment & Urbanization Journal. The article describes another community-driven study in two Asian countries (Nepal and Cambodia) on the issue of food and food poverty, that was carried out by ACHR and IIIED between 2017 and 2019.
NEPAL - Heritage Cities in Asia - Bhaktapur, Nepal - Nov 2011
In this November 2011 report, part of ACHR's project on "The poor in heritage cities", Chawanad Luansang and Suphana Sophonpanich (two community architects from Thailand) make an assessment of how Bhaktapur's poor and original inhabitants have fared since the city was declared to be part of the Kathmandu Valley's World Heritage site. The monuments and ancient architects are in great danger from development and earthquakes, but what about the people who live there?
PAKISTAN - Arif on Karachi's Street Economy - Dec 2020
In a time when the Covid virus has put so many cities in Asia under lockdown, or at least in very bad straights economically, informal street vending has continued to be a lifeline for the urban poor who have lost jobs and earning opportunities and can't feed their families.  Yet perversely, the authorities in many cities have used the crisis as an excuse to evict informal street vendors.  Karachi is a case in point.  This article by Arif Hasan is about the difficult situation street vendors in his city have been facing.  The article is the product of four years of research, in which many people were involved. This research - and the advocacy that has come out of it - has been crucial in arresting the demolition of small businesses and hawkers in Karachi and in laying the groundwork for the development of an appropriate and easily-implementable process of regularization.  Arif and his team are now working to turn this research into a book-length report and to develop easily-readable advocacy material. 
PAKISTAN - Street markets the world over - Jan 2019
Informal hawkers continue to be evicted in cities like Karachi, Bangkok, Manila and Jakarta. The pictures in this folder were put together in January 2019 by Arif Hasan and Bushra Sarwar to show the agencies involved in making planning decisions in Karachi that hawkers need not be evicted, but can be resettled in a manner that is aesthetic and does not create congestion or hindrance to vehicular or pedestrian movement. In fact cities around the world are embracing street markets at the time Asia is eliminating them.
PAKISTAN - List of writings by Arif Hasan 2006 - 2015
Here is a list and links to downloadable copies of Arif Hasan’s various articles, books, chapters, scholarly papers and presentations, from 2006 - 2015. Arif is one of the most prolific and most profound thinkers in our ACHR network, and you can now access almost all of his work from his own website archive. Just follow this link: http://arifhasan.org/
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