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THAILAND - 4 Community Gardens - October 2020
In the past few years, community networks in cities around Thailand have been finding innovative ways to grow vegetables and produce healthy food on leftover bits of land inside the communities and on borrowed land outside. These community gardens may not solve all the problems of hunger and food insecurity, but they have improved nutrition, lowered food expenses and built greater food self-sufficiency for some of the country's most vulnerable citizens. Since the Covid-19 crisis hit, and so many people have lost jobs, lost income opportunities and lost their ability to buy food and feed their families, community gardens have become even more of a lifeline for the poor.  So much so that it’s become a movement now in Thailand’s urban poor communities.   This report takes you on a guided tour through four of these community gardens (in Bangkok, Chum Phae, Surin and Chiang Mai) - each one very different.
THAILAND - Baan Mankong: Thailand's national, people-driven, collective housing program - Oct 2019
This report describes CODI’s work supporting different types and different aspects of community-driven and collective housing, in urban and rural areas, across Thailand. The report was prepared to present in a two-day symposium on collective housing in Asia, which was hosted by CODI and jointly organized by CODI, ACHR and the Switzerland-based NGO urbaMonde, in October 2019.
THAILAND - Chum Saeng CAN Workshop - Aug 2016
This is a report from the regional Community Architects Network (CAN) workshop that was organized in the city of Chum Saeng, in Nakhon Sawan Province, in Thailand, in August 2016.
THAILAND - Leave no one behind: community-driven urban development in Thailand - 2016
This article, written by Nausica Castanas, Ploy Kasama Yamtree, Batan Yoswadee Sonthichai and Quentin Batréau, describes some aspects of the community-driven Baan Mankong housing program in Thailand, and was published as an IIED Working Paper in December 2016.
THAILAND - Bang Bua canal upgrading guidebook - Sept 2013
A team of Thai community architects produced this illustrated guide book to the upgrading of the informal settlements along the Bang Bua Canal in Bangkok - a large project which is still underway. Bang Bua is one of the most often-visited and most inspiring of the hundreds of community-planned and community-built settlement upgrading projects around Thailand that are being supported by CODI's Baan Mankong program. The book was produced in September 2013.
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