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Community Finance in Five Asian Countries
Finance in
Five Asian Countries 

A final report on the study, prepared by the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights : June 2017 

A study carried out by 5 national groups in the ACHR network, with support from the Rockefeller Foundation. This report presents the findings of a two-year study of community finance systems that are operated by the urban poor in five Asian countries, with support from their partner organisations. These five groups are the principal national urban poor organisations in their respective countries, and their community savings and funds - and other community- driven development initiatives - have all grown to national scale. 
The study was conceived as an opportunity to look in more detail at the different models of community finance these important groups have developed, in their very different given national contexts, and to compare their various aspects, draw out some key elements and lessons and see how these people-driven finance systems can be strengthened and brought into the formal finance and development structures in their countries.Comments on the study will be published soon.

The studty examines the reseach of the overall impacts on urban poor communities as well as giving in-depth analysis from 5 countries

Cambodia pp12 -17     Nepal 18 -23    Philippines 24 -29     Sri Lanka 30 - 33      Thailand 34 - 39
You can DOWNLOAD the Study in PDF format:10 MGBts 70 pages