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E-News January 2016
Asian Coalition for Housing Rights January 2016

  1. Asia Pacific Urban Forum – 6 - Meeting in Jakarta
  2. New proposals approved for the ACHR - SELAVIP Housing Project 2016
  3. Visit of Exec Dir of SELAVIP International, Brussels, Nov 22 -Dec 4, 2015
  4. Poverty Line Study Update
  5. Community Development Fund ( CDF) Study Update
  6. Nepal Earthquake Rehabilitation Update
  7. Myanmar - ACHR and the Dawei Project
  8. Recent research and articles from Arif Hasan
  9. The passing of Yamamoto Yoshihiko, BLL Japan
  10. Community Architects Network - new Newsletter and Award
ACHR welcomes friends to the New Year of 2016 and (coming soon ) the Year of the Monkey in the Chinese New Year. Below is a summary of our activities for Nov -Jan and and indicatons of 2016 actvies, but first a brief word from Somsook Boonyabancha Sec Gen of ACHR:

Dear all friends, hope the coming New Year bring us new challenges, new possibili9es and new hope in our busy working lives. Most of all, I do hope you will be happy, you will have lots of love and be healthy in whatever life situa9on is going to be.
Last year, I busied myself involving in the constitiuton drafting process. It supposed to be one of the very progressive constitution for our changing democracy society and open enormous room for people and community partcipation and people's driven development possibilities. However that draft constituion was finally voted down and aborted by the National Reform Council due to several reasons

So I am now back to the ACHR office and also supportng some national CODI activities. It is again a very interesting stage in my life to reflect and think what should be next, after our exciting regional ACCA Program ended at the beginning of last year. The program covered support to about 215 cities in 19 countries in the 5 year implementation in the region. So if all my good friends have any good idea to suggest what should be our next or new exciting move or model of development, we definitely welcome them all.
Happy New Year !! Somsook 

You can DOWNLOAD the E-News directlyt by clicking HERE  12 pages PDF 1.5 Mgbs