ACHR "Housing by People in Asia" Newsletters
ACHR Newsletter 19 Sept 2014
This is a special issue about a community-driven study in which poor communities in five Asian countries define and measure poverty, on their own terms.
ACHR Newsletter 18 Aug 2013
This newsletter is a special issue on the exciting community-driven process that has taken off in Myanmar, since the Cyclone Nargis hit in May 2008 - much of it supported by ACCA.
ACHR Newletter 17 Nov 2007
A special issue of the ACHR Newsletter on the finance systems - savings and funds - which poor communities put together and manage themselves.
Tsunami Update - June 2006
ACHR produced this follow-up report on the progress tsunami-affected communities in 5 countries were making, 18 months after the catastrophic Asian tsunami his in December 2004. The report looks at how communities have managed to be at the center of the reconstruction process, in addressing issues of land, rebuilding, restoring livelihoods and reviving cultures. The report was published in June 2006.
ACHR Newsletter 16 Aug 2005
Special issue of the ACHR newsletter on how affected communities in five countries are rebuilding their lives and settlements after the calamitous December 2004 Asian tsunami.
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