CAN Newsletter
January 2012: Community Architetcs Newsletter 5 pages photos and text 4.3.mgbs
City-wide Upgrading in Cambodia
June 2010 Special edition on ACCA in Cambodia
People and Disasters - Newsletter
November 2008 Special Report 24 pages of text and photos from 11 countries in Asia coping with disasters This report from an ACHR and IIED sponsored seminar on the subject of “Communities as key actors in disaster rehabilitation,” held during the fourth World Urban Forum, in Nanjing, China. PDF file 3.9 mgbs text and photos here
Cambodia UPDF 10 Years
May 2008 Special Edition Urban Poor Development Fund Cambodia 20 pages on savings, loans, community funds, up-grading, partnership, welfare, expansion beyond Phnom Penh, scale. PDF file 2.4 mgs text and photos
Savings and Community Funds
November 2007 Special ACHR Newsletter on The Finds Poor Communities Put Together and Manage Themselves 36 pages PDF file 3.48 Mgs text and photos
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