Disasters and Climate Change
Seminar report: Disaster survivors exchange rebuilding strategies across borders - July 2007
This is a transcript of a public seminar which took place on July 3, 2007, at Loyola Law School, at Loyola University in New Orleans, USA. The seminar, entltled "Disaster survivors unite across borders to exchange strategies for rebuilding." was part of the ACHR - NESRI Tsunami-Katrina exchange program.
Tsunami in Thailand posters - Feb 2007
These posters were prepared for the ACHR booth at the 4th World Urban Forum in Nanjing, China, in November 2008, where we organized a special networking event on community-driven disaster rehabilitation, with a big team of community leaders from disaster-hit communities in 8 Asian countries, along with a survivor of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, USA. A transcript from that event can be downloaded from this document library.
Disaster Seminar in Phuket, Thailand - Nov 2006
This is a report about a regional seminar on "People's Leadership in Disaster Recovery: Rights, Resilience and Empowerment" that was held in Phuket, Thailand, October 30 - November 3, 2006. The seminar was jointly organized by CODI, the Chumchon Thai Foundation, ACHR, UN-Habitat and UNDP. These notes on the meeting and field visits to tsunami-affected communities around Phuket and other provinces were written by Thomas Kerr at ACHR.
Katrina survivors from New Orleans visit Asian tsunami areas - Sept 2006
This report describes the discussions and field visits that took place during the first visit of Hurricane Katrina survivors from New Orleans, USA, to tsunami-hit areas in southern Thailand and in Aceh, Indonesia. The exchange took place in September 2006.
Hurricane Katrina meets tsunami - July 2006
This is a report which describes the first exploratory visit ACHR made to New Orleans, in USA, in July 2006, shortly after it was hit by Hurricane Katrina. The question was whether poor American folks from flooded neighborhoods and public housing projects in New Orleans have anything to share with even poorer fisherfolk from tsunami-hit villages in Thailand and Indonesia? A lively exchange between disaster survivors in both places followed over the next two years.
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