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ACHR E-News Jan -June 2016
Dear Friends

During the past 6 months there have been several key activities of ACHR network. 
The many key activities of the Community Architects Network - CAN  organising an important CAN workshop and supporting rehabilitation activities in Nepal. The ACHR Secretariat has been busy participating in several international meetings and discussions with new possible donors in US and Europe. ACHR has participated in the Prep Com in Bangkok and Surabaya, as well as organised a workshop with the Cities Alliance at the German Habitat Forum in Berlin where our network in Bangladesh was also invited. The implementation of SELAVIP project activities has been very active around the region as well as Community Development Fund - CDF study in 4 countries in Asia.  There are continued learning activities between ACHR and Development Planning Unit (DPU - UK) with field studies in Cambodia and anew group of interns working with ACHR network in Thailand and the Philippines.

Attached please find the  E-News from the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights for June 2016.
Stories come from the ACHR Sec and friends across Asia, as also outlined above.
  1. NEPAL Community Architects Network  WORKSHOP in collaboration
  2. Development Planning Unit (UK) and CAN activities in Cambodia Plus.
  3. THAILAND: Preparatory workshop for 4th Regional CAN workshop in Chumsang 
  4. Somsook Boonyabancha’s VISIT TO THE USA 
  5. ACHR-SELAVIP Housing projects  2015 – 2016 
  6. German Habitat Forum 
  7. Recent Interviews, Presentation, Videos - Links

Please feel free to send comments, suggestions and stories we could include in the next E-news

The e-news 336 KB 11 pages photos and text