Special Publications
A brief profile of ACHR's history and work - 2008
This profile of ACHR's work so far was prepared for a big ACHR regional meeting that was held in Bangkok, in January 2009.
Savings & Credit & Community Funds - 2007
A report from an international meeting on community-managed finance systems, held at the CODI office in Bangkok Thailand, in November 2007.
What Father Jorge has learned in 34 years - 2001
A transcript of a discussion, in 2001, with Fr. Jorge Anzorena, in which he relects on his 34 years of experience working with Asia's urban poor communities and their supporters and friends.
Face to Face - Notes on Community-to-Community Exchange - 2000
A special ACHR publication which examines the ideas and methods of people-to-people learning and horizontal exchange, as it has been practiced in Asia and Africa for many years. This publication came out in January 2000.
Asian People's Dialogue in Seoul - June 1989
This is the report from one of ACHR's earliest and most important gatherings - the first Asian People's Dialogue, held in Seoul, Korea, in June 1989. This was back in the days when such things were typed by hand and xeroxed for distribution. If you don't mind a rather crude scan of the original report, you'll a lot of history and wonders here. From the report's introduction: "Much has been spoken and written about the life situation of the urban poor in all major cities of the world - but mostly by scholars, professionals or NGOs. The Asian People's Dialogue in Seoul was a forum for the urban poor themselves to tell their own stories - in their own ways and their own words."
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