E-News January - March 2011
 -  Celebrating ten years of women's community savings in Lao PDR
  -  What Father Jorge Anzorena has learned in the past 34 years
  -  Update on the state of community finance in Asia
  -  Two housing breakthroughs in Cambodia
  -  Brief on the ACHR Regional Meeting in Bangkok, January 2011
  -  ACCA Program Update:  Figures, meetings and plans for 2011
  -  First loan from the new ACCA Regional Fund to LTHAI in Mandaue
  -  ACHR - Selavip Regional "Decent Poor" fund launched
  -  Community architects :  Handbooks on mapping & community upgrading
  -  Bamboo construction workshop in Davao
  -  Sheela and Jockin get the Padma Shri Award in India
  -  Karachi's Urdu Book Bazaar goes solar in Pakistan
  -  Goodbye to a good friend in Japan, Professor Yuzo Uchida
E-News October 2010
The country's poorest scavengers in Payatas revive their own dormant housing project in the PHILIPPINES + Who's doing what for WORLD HABITAT DAY around the Asia region? + The housing project in Vinh City VIETNAM + Updates from five groups on the flood rehabilitation work in PAKISTAN + More flood troubles for squatters living in "Vinyl House" communities in KOREA + The urban poor in the recent presidential elections in the PHILIPPINES + A new "people's insurance" scheme adds a new window to the community-managed fund movement in THAILAND + Earthquake in Yushu : an opportunity for people or for Chinese developers in TIBET? + What's happening with the ACCA PROGRAM (Asian Coalition for Community Action)
E-News September 2010
MYANMAR: Planning the first-ever community-driven slum housing project. + 
PHILIPPINES Fire victims rebuild their community in the spiralling Baseco slum. + 
FIJI Visiting community architects assist the People's Community Network + 
SDI Update on SDI's Urban Poor Fund International - UPFI + 
NEW ORLEANS, USA 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina + 
CAMBODIA Looking at the city-wide community upgrading process + 
PAKISTAN Some thoughts from Arif Hasan on the floods
E-News July 2010
• Regional Community Architects Meeting in Chiang Mai, Thailand in June 2010 • ACCA assessment trips • ACCA meetings and updates • New MOU in Lao PDR to expand the women's savings process there • New MOU in Cambodia to establish a new National Community Development Fund • Urban Poor Development Fund in Cambodia wins Japan award • Skyscrapers and shopping malls or revitalizing a vital historic district: Bangkok's Chinatown • People News : New director for enda Vietnam, new staff for ACHR and the loss of some special ACHR friends
E-News April - May - June 2009
First land and housing breakthroughs in Fiji + 
Thailand's first district-wide community fund + 
East Asian caravan to Hong Kong, Korea, Mongolia + 
ACCA Program completes first six months + 
Cage homes and cubicles still there in Hong Kong + 
Dream houses in Bharatpur, Nepal + 
Thailand's growing network of community builders + 
News from railway slums and "goths" in Karachi
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