Disasters and Climate Change
Tsunami Update - June 2006
ACHR produced this follow-up report on the progress tsunami-affected communities in 5 countries were making, 18 months after the catastrophic Asian tsunami his in December 2004. The report looks at how communities have managed to be at the center of the reconstruction process, in addressing issues of land, rebuilding, restoring livelihoods and reviving cultures. The report was published in June 2006.
Community-driven tsunami rehabilitation seminar report - June 2006
This report presents a slightly edited transcript of the discussion which took place during a networking event (titled "Community-driven tsunami rehabilitation") organized by ACHR during the Third orld Urban Forum in Vancouver, Canada, in June 2006. ACHR's team at WUF3included groups of tsunami survivors from poor communities and their supporters in six countries.
Bill Clinton visits tsunami-hit villages in Thailand - Dec 2006
This brief report is a transcript of Somsook's brief account of Bill Clinton's December 2006 visit to Hin Look Dio Village, a small Moken "sea gypsy" village on the northeastern coast of Phuket Island. Hin Look Dio had at that time become part of the network of 20 poor settlements in Phuket, and was in the process of rebuilding itself, after being partly destroyed by the 2004 tsunami and subsequently evicted from the villagers' traditional land.
ACHR Newsletter 16 - Special issue on the 2004 Asian tsunami - Aug 2005
Special issue of the ACHR newsletter on how affected communities in five countries are rebuilding their lives and settlements after the calamitous December 2004 Asian tsunami. This newsletter was published in August 2005.
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