E-News January to May 2014
CAN: Perween Rahman Fellowship for community architects and builders is launched PAKISTAN: Updates from Arif and Younus on the situation in Karachi CAMBODIA: Policy breakthroughs for urban poor housing MYANMAR: Some interesting developments with locals BANGLADESH: Citywide upgrading how-to lessons from the city of Comilla. POVERTY: Asia’s urban poor compare WB’s One Dollar a Day. ACCA: Update on the Program as it comes to the end of its 2nd phase Some Briefs ACHR coalition activities . ACHR says sad farewell to Father Norberto Carcellar 1951- 2014.
ACHR E-news July - November 2013
• New guidebook on the upgrading of Bang Bua Canal settlements in Thailand • Teams from the HPFP prepare to assist Typhoon Haiyan survivors in the Philippines • Update on ACHR's ACCA Program and the Decent Poor Program • News from the Community Architects Network (CAN) in Asia • New GADGETS on offer from UN-Habitat for surveying and mapping slums • Giving poor communities a chance to define their own poverty lines • Some cheering news from Southern Italy about how much communities can do • E-News Briefs
ACHR E-news April - June 2013
Museum built by THF showcases Himalayan building crafts in Leh, INDIA + How to fix the run-down collective housing blocks in VIETNAM + Osaka's Buraku communities face down "integration" in JAPAN + Update from Arif Hasan on what's happening in PAKISTAN + Is there room for poor communities in the climate change debate? Meeting at IIED in LONDON + ACCA Phase 2 begins with first committee meeting in Yangon, MYANMAR + National workshop on community and savings-driven development in MYANMAR + field visits + CAN organizes collaborative citywide mapping and planning workshop in Metro Manila, in the PHILIPPINES + E-News Briefs
ACHR E-news November 2012 - March 2013
• NINJA MAPPER : Asia says goodbye to the extraordinary Perween Rahman, Director of OPP-RTI in Karachi • Looking in different ways at traditional houses in TIBET: past, present and future • First-ever bank loans for poor people's housing in NEPAL • Bombay's Pavement Dwellers begin their historic, community-managed resettlement into secure, walk-up flats • A few notes on the recent ACHR / UPCA Regional meeting held in Bangkok, February 23 - 28, 2013 • Update on the ACCA PROGRAM: Beginning ACCA Phase 2 • News from the COMMUNITY ARCHITECTS NETWORK in Asia + new films from the Video / Media Network Asia
E-News June - October 2012
ACVN and Cities Alliance join forces to expand citywide upgrading in VIETNAM + "Citywide, people-driven slum upgrading at WORLD URBAN FORUM in Naples, Italy + Workshop on "Inclusive Cities" finally happens in Seoul, KOREA + ACCA PROGRAM UPDATE + last meeting in Seoul + ACHR Regional Loan update Updates from the Urban Poor Coalition Asia - UPCA + Updates on what's happening with Asia's COMMUNITY ARCHITECTS Network + E-News BRIEFS from around the region + Housing Development Fund and first ACCA housing project launched in Gopalganj, + New film on ACCA called "The Way to End Slums"
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